French Gardens

The Gardens

Located in the hollow of a valley, the castle Lantheuil enjoys an exceptional and privileged. Well surrounded by woods, it nestles at the bottom of a greenery that protects it, which contributes to its mysterious atmosphere and its charm.

The castle is accessed via a large beech avenue. The moats are fed by a river "La Gronde", lined with plane trees classified Historic Monuments, planted in 1613 and never cut.

The current garden "à la Française" extends to the south of the castle arranged along the large terrace decorated with Louis XIV balustrades. The pond with the jet of water that comes and goes unceasingly dates from the seventeenth century.

On the south facade of the castle there is a sundial and a meridian, giving at the same time the hour, the month, the seasons, and the signs of the zodiac at noon solar time.

The stone statue after Antoine Coysevox represents a "fauna playing the flute" also called "Berger fluteur"

The bronze statue of Barbedienne represents the "Spinario" or "young man with the thorn" whose original is in Rome.

The 4 Medici vases are surrounded by old roses.

To the north, a project of restitution and embellishment of the Italian garden, west of the main gate of honor is planned.

You will be able to appreciate below some roses of the Gardens: Baroness Prevost 1842, Countess of Chabrillant 1858, Mrs. Ernest Calvat 1888, Mrs. Isaac Pereire 1881, Mrs. Pierre Oger 1878 and the rose Yolande of Aragon 1843.